About the Author

Daniel J. Grimm and Bonnie W. Goldfein

At only 16, Danny Grimm was well on his way to the completion of a 6-book series based on a dream he had when he was 14. The series follows the adventures of a group of kids right out of his imagination — the dino-hybrid young teens of Team Triassic.

In 2018, he and his writer-collaborator grandmother Bonnie Goldfein published Team Triassic Beginnings, followed a year later by Team Triassic Journeys Ahead.

Now 18, in Team Triassic Rise Up Danny continues the adventures of the teenaged human hybrids whose unique DNAs allow them to morph into dinosaurs.

Graduating in 2020, Danny has devoted many hours to schoolwork, theatrical productions and good times with friends, but he still sets aside time most days for writing and collaborating with his grandmother to ensure that fans of Team Triassic will have a new volume ready for them each year.

This talented young author lives in Las Vegas with his parents, his older brother Andy, bearded dragons Tom and Jerry, and two recent additions – Shih Tzu puppies named Bandit and Louie. Grandma lives in Southern Oregon with her husband and two Scotties, Phillip and Geoffrey.



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